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Garden State Comic Fest
January 27 - 28, 2024 

A New Jersey mainstay, this show attracts dealers from around the East Coast and attendees from around the world. Moving into the Mennen Arena in 2015, the show has expanded to be the biggest comic shows in NJ with an amazing selection of vendors, artists and celebrity guests. Now, this "winter edition" returns to the Sussex County Fair Grounds for a Winter Fest that will have tons of comics as well as collectables, gaming and food trucks!

Big Lick Comic Con
February 10 - 11, 2024

Located at the Bergland Center in Roanoke, Virginia, this show has become a driving force for pop culture entertainment within it's area. This show features a great cosplay, celebrity meet and greets and comic artists including Sam De La Rosa at this show! ...Plus a variety of comic book dealers from around the Virginia area and beyond. This show is worth the trip to experience Roanoke and a room featuring a great selection of comic books.

Little Giant Comics
"Old School Comic Show"
April 15, 2023

Comic fan and collector Jason Brodnick started this show in Concord, NH in 2018 to bring back the feeling of "old school" shows that have a room full of nothing but comics, artists and art. This coming year features dealers from all over the country including Hake's Auctions, Reece's Rare Comics, SuperWorld and more to be announced... the room is filled with amazing books, plus legends legends of the industry and many more amazing artists!

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