This Comic Convention List was created with you, the comic fan, in mind...

Sure, there are many resources available to find comic shows and conventions; but we found that these resources try to include way too much information or are just plastered with noise that it's hard to find what you need.  In making this list, we split it into two easy ways to search.  One is by date, while the other is by each State. 

Plus, we are starting to include Comic Artist schedules as well, so you can plan accordingly to get that special book signed... This artist section will hopefully grow as artists/ managers let us help promote their schedules.  If you are an artist that would like to include your schedule, please e-mail us.

And if you'd like to buy an advertising square at the bottom of our home page, we have room and would appreciate the support in helping "keep the lights on" for this list to continue!  Email us here for more information and simple rates. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • There are some Cons/ Shows I know about that aren't on this list?
    True.  This list is specific to shows that deal with comic books or have comic books in the room.  Hence the name "Comic Con" or "Comic Show" does have the word "comic" and we want to promote/ list shows that deal with comics in some fashion.  There are other sites that handle a great listing of many genre conventions, but this list is purely for comic fans.
  • Can I add my show to this list?
    Yes, we want to make sure that the big 4 day conventions as well as the one day VFW show both get a fair shake at being found. We ask that there be 3 criteria to submit your show: 1) It have comics somewhere in the room. 2) You have some sort of further communications hub/ website that potential attendees can use for their further questions or to check in case of cancellations (which happens unfortunately alot more these days.) 3) Your show must be within the United States.
  • How do I add my show?
    Just click the blue button on the top right corner and shoot us an e-mail.  Since this list is free to all, you won't have to submit any payment to add the show... but on the same token, we have to work a day job to put food in our mouths as well, so it might take a day or two to get added on.  Thank you for your patience.
  • How do I get my show in the "Featured Section" on the home page?
    Membership has it's privileges and our "Featured" section is no exception.  Shows looking to have extra attention can join our featured section by helping keep the lights on and supporting the list.  It will allow your show a graphic and a few sentences to let folks know about your show.  Featured section is limited to 6 shows at a time, so make sure you don't get locked out.  Featured shows also get to be placed at the top of their specific year/month page as well with a second, full width graphic.
  • I saw a show on your list and headed there to only find the doors locked and the lights off... what gives?
    This always sucks when it happens.  Make sure to do your homework, especially now in the age of COVID. Changes happen and happen fast!  Shows get cancelled all the time.  Make sure to check with each individual show before you head off to make sure the show is still on.  We are not responsible for checking each show we share on the list as we are not in every state.
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Listings provided by this site are given for informational purposes only. Show details fluctuate. Check with individual show sites and social media for up to the minute changes.

Updated: June 2024

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